My sweet grandmother Marjorie (aka Nana) turned ninety this August and to celebrate my family and I threw her a fabulous Las Vegas casino party.





Delicious desserts by Marissa Borges


Photo Booth by Big Flash Foto


Me and my beautiful Nana, I love this lady.





It has been scorching hot here in Portland! We had 100 degree weather over the weekend and it’s stayed at a steady 85 since.


To quench our thirst for adventure and general hydration, we went on a wine tour in the Willamette Valley; hiked in the Columbia Gorge a few times and saw a concert at the Zoo featuring Ziggy Marley.

giggle hair


If you’re going to melt anyway might as well have some fun while doing it!



prom pose, ha!

Dom and Matt smelling the fragrant valley flora

disc golf with these guys

Cousin Jenny visits from Scotland!

sweaty family = happy family 🙂


Our little sunshine turned two this month. We had a big choo choo party to celebrate with all our nearest and dearest in attendance.


We still can’t believe it’s been two years with this little guy; he talks, he walks, he runs, he plays, he amazes us everyday. What a crazy ride we’re on together Sol, we love you!


Bounce house fun!

It’s James and Thomas, choo choo!

Sol didn’t want anyone to hurt his Thomas pinata

Helping dad on the BBQ

Cake time!

Happy Birthday 2 year old!




Memorial Day weekend has typically consisted of a mad dash to get some kind of activity together, but this year was different for us. I left the planning to Dom, who started making arrangements way back in November! This may surprise even those who know me best, but I am more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl when it comes to travel arrangements. It’s the weirdest thing because I love to plan just about everything else in life, however travel completely unravels me.


We decided on a location together and chose to revisit Vancouver Island, focusing our attention on two of our favorite towns; Victoria and Tofino. These two locations couldn’t be more different. Victoria is metropolitan, but on a small scale if we are comparing it to London or Seattle. It has a great restaurant and bar scene, the sweetest floating marina you will ever encounter and a downtown waterfront as its focal point. Tofino in contrast is a small port town on the Clayoquot Sound, surrounded by the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve where whale watching, surfing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding abound. Everything revolves around the water here and even if suiting up and getting in the ocean isn’t your thing, there is a plethora of activities to peak anyones interest such as biking, hiking and eating as much fresh seafood as you can (that’s an activity too right?)




Sol really enjoyed the beach. Our mornings were spent wading in tide pools searching for sea stars and sand crabs. Sanddollars were found by the bucketful walking the beach in front of our hotel. Dom and I got some surfing in at Cox Bay Beach while Sol perfected his dribbling skills with the soccer ball on the beach. We ate a fresh seafood paella FEAST on the beach in front of our hotel which was a great end to the trip.



Although we encountered some less than ideal wait times with the ferry system getting home, it was well worth the drive and effort to experience all the beauty of the island again.

Victoria - Vycarius Travel Blog

If you haven’t been to Vancouver Island yet, go go go! We know we’ll be back…


I just found out we have a new neighbor and he is not at all what I expected.

His name is Petey and he comes into my yard pretty much whenever he feels like it.

He scared the crap out of me the other day when I was getting into my car. He was just standing there staring at me like I was the crazy one. Dude, you’re in my driveway, not the other way around.

I only let him get away with this behavior because he is so damn attractive and my son seems to like him. Dom has yet to weigh in on Petey, he hasn’t had the pleasure yet…



Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there! We love you and all that you do for your children xDani & Sol



I am a gardener and flower lover so I knew I had to visit the Woodburn tulip festival this year. Sol and I went with our mama and baby friends during the weekday and hit perfect warm spring weather. The tulips were lovely and I even convinced my little guy that it would be cool to sit in a wooden shoe. Isn’t he the cutest?



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